Jumping into January

Welcome back to our blog! 20180101_151733

So January began with a lot of cleaning and preparing because on the 3rd we were hosting a grand total of 7 OYANers other than ourselves in our apartment overnight! Four of those friends left early in the morning before I even woke up, but the other three (Alexis, Luke, and Ethan) stayed for what was titled “Luke and Ethan Are in Kentucky” 😀

Alexis found her friends! PC: Alexis Niceley
Seeing The Greatest Showman for the first time with Ethan, Alexis, Luke, Beth, and Garrett (who you can’t see but I promise he’s there). 

The first day of their visit, Beth and Garrett of the Green Jacket (if you’re an OYANer you probably understand that) came to spend the day with us and we had a blast playing some games and then going to the movies.

Note: This is where we first fell in love with The Greatest Showman, but sadly David wasn’t there. We’ll come back to this point later.

David, Alexis, and Luke enjoying some loopy floor time late into the night. PC: Alexis Niceley

Sadly, all good things must come to an end (I know, I hate it too), and Luke left us 😥 Ethan got to stay an extra two days, and in those two days we went to see The Greatest Showman again!

PC: Alexis Niceley

Note: This is where David fell in love with The Greatest Showman.

We also went to Steel City Pops both with Luke and Ethan, and once again before Ethan had to leave.

We just keep addicting people to this place….PC: Alexis Niceley

This visit was amazing. I (Adrienne) was especially blessed to be able to have people in my house to spend time with and talk to.  Luke is one of my favorite people – full of energy and encouragement and life. Also my OYAN son so, you know. I love him a lot.  And Ethan is Alexis’ best friend, who we haven’t seen in real life for over three years. (He got taller.)  Getting to reconnect with both of them – and with Beth and Garrett for a day – meant the world.

If you want to get a more in depth look at all our shenanigans, look no further than my sister’s YouTube channel:

(This is part one. Parts 2 and 3 are also on her channel 😉 )

Alexis stayed with me for a day after the crew left, which was very sweet of her. We spent the whole day watching Gravity Falls. Then she was gone and David and I settled into our normal routine once again.

Or rather, lack thereof. With David’s crazy schedule we really have no routine which is beating me down to dust. Being real, my apartment is in a constant state of mess and my to do list never shortens. I’m unable to do most of what I want due to tiredness and a sense of paralysis that I get when routine is absent. It isn’t pretty and I hate it. But that’s just what life is right now, so I keep trying my best one day at a time.

Not a whole lot happened for the next couple weeks, and we thought the month would end off like that.

We were wrong.

David found out last minute on a Thursday that he would be getting a four day weekend starting Saturday. Friday night, we decided to take our first ever road trip by ourselves and head back home to Kansas.

This trip was beautiful. We needed it very much both to break up the drudge of everyday life, and in our marriage.  It was good for us to get away and do something just us two. And we had such a blessed time.

We stayed at the Dudeplex, getting to hang out with the guys. I was able to hug Jeremy after not being able to talk with him since August. We went on a double date with our friends Josh and Kelly (WHO ARE GETTING MARRIED IN MAY I AM SO EXCITED FOR THE WEDDING), explored downtown KC with Sam and Emily, had a Panera breakfast with Christina, lunch at Spin! Pizza with the S’s, shopped at the mall with Kelly and Onnie, drank tea with Charlotte. I had a girls night with Onnie and Charlotte and Kelly while David played an RPG game with some of the guys. We learned how to play Munchkin, visited our old haunts, and stayed at the S’s past midnight talking.

In short: It was perfect.

Back to where it all began. We met for the first time in real life at this exact spot in the Oak Park Mall’s Barnes and Noble in June of 2015. 
We were mesmerized by this perfect little snowflake on our windshield one morning as we prepared to head off on adventures.
Chai and friends is a great combo
Kansas City ❤ 
If you know me, you know I love crayons. I was delighted to find a Crayola store and loved this display to bits.
Hanging with our people ❤

We ended the trip with Jared, the Bradley’s, and Amber at an authentic Japanese Ramen restaurant for dinner (it was AMAZING and is now on our list of must visit places whenever we come back) before going back to the Dudeplex, hugging our friends goodbye, and hitting the road for an overnight drive back home to Kentucky. (Shout out to Good Day Chocolates for their energy chocolate – this stuff works)

Note: You know what also works when you’re getting tired on the road? Blasting The Greatest Showman Soundtrack and singing along.  We had already fallen in love with the soundtrack so buying it on our way to Kansas was a no brainer. It was also a smart move as it got us through the misery of Missouri as well as through some of the night hours coming home.  I may or may not have aided my swiftly leaving voice in packing up entirely by singing so passionately along with the CD.

And thus ended the first month of 2018. And you know what? It was good.

We hope your 2018 is going well and that it will continue to! Until next month, Love Strong everyone!


Adrienne and David




Delayed December Post

December of 2017 already feels like eons ago! So much has happened since then, and I was so busy that I forgot to blog. Here’s a quick post on December, and hopefully it will be followed soon by a January post 🙂

In December we….

~Baked and ate a lot of cookies

~Got our broken oven fixed (finally)

~Visited Alexis at her elf job (She is the best elf)

~I injured myself a lot. Paper cuts, bruises, cutting myself with kitchen knives while peeling potatoes, and slamming the point of our car door into my face right under my eye. That last one was the worst and hurt like the dickens.

~Had Christmas!!!!!!!!!

And… that’s pretty much it. Add in a couple of dates to Panera and some mad cleaning before our annual Winter Workshop Carpool came to crash at our place and that completes the picture.


Christmas was good.  We had Christmas Eve with my mom’s side of the family which was fun (I got a Princess Leia mug from my aunt and uncle and David got a Rogue One mug and we got matching Star Wars shirts from my grandma. #StarWarsHaul)  Alexis was starry eyed because she got a plush BB-8 and that was probably my favorite moment seeing her joy.

We spent the night at my parents house and had Christmas morning with them, which – as is tradition – includes coffee cake, presents, and Peanuts Christmas music ❤

This year’s Christmas morning was kind of amazing though.

David got quite a significant haul, including lots of dinosaur and Ark themed stuff. He was very very happy. We also got a lava lamp from my parents which is AWESOME!

The presents were amazing all around and my parents and sister got me and David both amazing things.

But the show stopping gifts for me this Christmas were the dresses that David bought me.

He bought not one, not two, but THREE Disney Dresses. And not just any Disney Dresses. Two Dress Shop dresses and one Her Universe dress. All of which I have wanted but never expected to ever get to own.

From left to right: Tatooine dress from Her Universe, The Tiki Room dress from The Dress Shop, and the Orange Bird dress from The Dress Shop

It was a magical day ❤

Before we sign off for this month, here are a few random snaps:

All of Adrienne’s goodies from Christmas morning, minus the dresses and plus the shared lava lamp and printer 😀 
After a relaxing day spent with Adrienne’s parents and a skype call with most of David’s family, we settled down for some Anime and a grand Snack feast. It was amazing.
Oh yeah, earlier in the month we did go see a certain movie on opening night…
….and this sums up how we felt about it pretty much.
I am still after this AMAZING cosplay vest by Her Universe. As can be seen in the photo above this one, I cosplay New Hope Leia all the time. I would LOVE to branch out to Hoth Leia with this vest!! But alas, the price tag…
I made myself an adorable Christmas skater skirt that I am very proud of ^_^ It turned out perfect. 
And I made a bow to match!
We went to Target so much David refused to take me for a few weeks. But don’t worry that dark time has passed.
We went to a Christmas event at the local mega church but it didn’t turn out as fun as we had hoped. But we played carpet ball and that was fun! It was also very very cold out. 
I finished the Book of Mythicality! This was on December 30th. The next day I completed one more book, making my list of books read in 2017 reach a grand total of 50!!! I was very pleased. 

And there we have it, a tiny glance at December.

Coming up in January: Lots of Friends, Japanese Studies, and an impromptu road trip to Kansas.

Until next time, Love Strong everyone!


Adrienne and David


Looking back at 2017

2017 was an interesting year to be sure.

It was our first year of marriage, so naturally it had a lot of challenges. And from that point of view alone, the year was pretty meh. Not going to lie, it was very rough and hard on a lot of levels. There were many, many tears and problems and ordeals we went through.

But there also resided in 2017 a lot of good things. Joy, understanding, yard sales, conferences, and Disney World among other blessings.  So yet again this quote rings true: “Good and Bad run on parallel tracks and they usually arrive at about the same time” (I think that is from pastor Doug Small but my brain is fuzzy as to if that is truly his name so I apologize)

Here’s a look at our year with the highlights of each month as remembered by us both.


Adrienne: January is a blur, but I think we were sick once and watched Jane Austen movies.

David: I remember nothing.


Adrienne: This was a lousy month where we got sick twice, our oven broke (which we didn’t get fixed until December… yeah… I know), and it was cold.  But Valentines day was nice I made pumpkin cheesecake bars with home made whipped cream and David gave me Spock and Kirk as cupcake figurines and a Cat Woman Funko Pop.

David: I don’t remember anything.


Adrienne: David’s Birthday! That’s all I remember. We went to Red Lobster and Red Robin.

David: Did we go out to eat? Did we go to Red Robin?


Adrienne: Flat tires! Easter! Cincinnati Homeschool Convention! This was a good month other than the tire that kept going flat -_-

David: I don’t know what we did in April.


Adrienne: BEST MONTH EVER! May was so full of blessings. Jared, Jeremy, and Amber coming to visit. Alexis’ Birthday. My Birthday. Yard Sales. AND A SOLO TRIP TO ORLANDO TO WORK AT A CONFERENCE AND SPEND A DAY AT DISNEY OH YEAH. This was my favorite.

David: Was this when people came to visit? I remember going to the forest and going on hikes! And finding lots of woodland creatures.


Adrienne: I remember nothing but the Summer Workshop and then having Garrett stay with us for a bit afterwards. I know there was more, probably…

David: Didn’t you (Adri) go to Kansas? And I was left all alone… Oh! I also lost my job in June.


Adrienne: I never remember my July’s. Ever. It’s weird. I have no idea what happened during this time. I think this was the job loss period and we went on a lot of library trips and I watched Ouran Highschool Host Club? I think? And I was knitting a lot of scarves.

David: *shakes head* I don’t remember anything.


Adrienne: *sigh* August. This is where things started to really go downhill for me. August wasn’t a nice month. I’m not going to talk about August. It was basically just a lot of emotional grossness and a lot of crying.

David: Nope. Oh. Um. We drove to Kansas. And… spent time with friends!


Adrienne: This was mostly just August stretched out longer, but David was working at Pieology and I had a great date with Alexis and my mom and my in-law’s had birthdays. I think I cooked some really amazing food this month too. Oh yeah and my first ever craft show!

David: No memories.


Adrienne: Things started getting a little better in October! Another show where Beth and I set up our wares, a lot of Disney World Halloween vlogs, fun shopping trips to Target, and a trip to Florida with my family.

David: Why do I feel like we got burritos in Florida? Did we go to Florida in October? Okay, we went to Florida and had a fantastic time on the beach and going to various stores and things like that.


Adrienne: Our wedding anniversary! Thanksgiving! Christmas prep and excitement! Things were still rotten in places but they were getting better. And Alexis got a job as an elf.

David: I acquired a new job.


Adrienne: This was not the most magical December ever, but nor was it terrible. Christmas was good. I loved the Christmas activities I was able to do, the things I got to make, and yes, the presents I got.  This was a good month. ❤  I also got injured a lot.

David: I got Adri really good Christmas presents :3 And I also got really good Christmas presents!


And there you have it. 2017 in vague highlights!

Tune in next time for our more in depth look at December.

Until then, we wish you a very happy and blessed new year.

Here’s to 2018!

Love Strong,

Adrienne and David


Know November

November was a pretty big month! We began it in Florida, finishing up our family vacation.

On the last day of that vacation we got some 1 year anniversary photos taken! (All photos taken by Alexis Niceley)









Our first year hasn’t been easy or even all that great in a lot of ways. But we’ve had a lot of good times through the bad that we are extremely thankful for. God is good all the time and all the time God is good ❤

We don’t have our official wedding video right now, but as a look back to that wonderful day and a little celebration, you can check out our Wedding playlist over on Spotify: Click Here To Listen!

Then of course since Halloween was over…



I mean. After Thanksgiving of course. Right.


Though I might have decorated my little beach tree before Thanksgiving… Maybe.

After Thanksgiving and everyone’s favorite Black Friday…

Total favorite. For one of us.

…the Christmas Season officially came everywhere! And with it came decorations.




David also started his new job this month!!! Isn’t he adorable? He’s so handsome ❤

Other stuff we did this month: ate a lot of good food, made some cool stuff, had some fun, and watched some great movies. Including Thor Ragnarok (which was amazing).

I blend right in.

And Murder on the Orient Express! (which definitely lived up to my expectations)


Adrienne went out with her dad and sister to see The Man Who Invented Christmas as well, and boy was that a fantastic, heartwarming film. Definitely see that one if you can. You won’t be sorry.

We know that that isn’t much for this month, but life is just kind of there right now and there isn’t much to report. BUT CHRISTMAS IS COMING GUYS WE LITERALLY CANNOT WAIT. (and by we we are mostly referring to Adrienne who is probably the Christmas Queen)

We’ll see you next in 2018 as we look back on December and the year as a whole. Until then, Love Strong everyone!


Adrienne and David


In a World Where There are Octobers

October went by in such a blur that I don’t remember most of it. But there are moments that shine through.

The first weekend began with the Imaginarium Conference. Scissortails Handcrafted Jewelry and Gifts again joined The Glitzy Geek Shop and we had a good time as vendors for the weekend, even though sales were pretty low.

David joined me on the last day of the conference, and it was great getting to share that with him! And after it was all said and done, he took me on a date to Chipotle and we finally got to try their new queso. Spoiler Alert: it’s awesome.


The next three weeks were interesting, as David was offered and accepted a new job at Culver’s, handed in his notice to Pieology, and prepared for the switch. I found a treasure trove of Vintage Barbie items at a Yard Sale and sold a few pieces which made us enough money to cover our costs for our Florida trip!

The last four days of the month we were enjoying the sand and surf with my parents and sister for a combined family/One year anniversary trip.

Here’s a few pics and my sister’s vlogs that cover that first half of the trip!

Chipotle again! 
So noble ❤ 
David got himself a fancy Green Tea drink at Whole Foods
Chillin’ at the condo
Finding a creature on the beach
Love this pic
The joy of the beach ❤
Okay one more of me 😛 Kawaii!
Walks on the pier ❤
My parents are awesome
We went back to the Gulfarium, where we had our first date ❤ 
My punk fairy sis
SO EXCITED FOR CHRISTMAS (also I really wanted that headband 😛 )

Sister’s vlogs:





And that wraps up October. Stay tuned for November’s edition where we’ll finish up Florida, have some Thanksgiving food, and honestly who knows what else.

Until next time, Love strong friends!


Adrienne and David





Remember September

Hello all and welcome back to Rollicking Through Life! I’m your host, Adrienne, and today we’re going to be taking a look at what September was like for the Rollick household. Are you ready? Good! ‘Cause here we go!

September was a quiet month in terms of things to talk about here on the blog. Mostly because my time was consumed daily with crocheting in preparation for the craft shows at the end of the month. I was extremely happy with the fruits of my labor which included:

Data and Picard
Data and Captain Picard
Large Jawa
A cuddly Jawa
Gandalf the Grey
Luke and Leia (sorry about the bad quality here) 
Tiny Jawa
And cowls, one of which is featured here!

Also in September:

tiny cone
David eats a tiny cone


Steel City
We take Alexis out to Steel City Pops to celebrate her job well done the month before at the fair.
Alexis and I go on a sister date.  This picture pretty much describes us.
I bake a pumpkin pie (and also make a lot of other really great food that I didn’t bother taking pictures of) 
I get a new dress from ThinkGeek.

Of course, as we moved ever closer to October, stores began to unleash their fall products upon us, including Target’s wondrous Halloween section….


How scary
He’s so devilishly clever

And that my friends was September. Yep. I know. Nothing to really write home about. We did get to have an impromptu meet up with our friend Garrett at Steel City Pops one day and after that I made tacos. That was a really good day.

And then came the very last two days of the month, and with them came the first ever craft show of The Glitzy Geek Shop and Scissortails Handcrafted Jewelry and Gifts!!

craft show1
At our beautiful booth! Photo Credit: Alexis Niceley
Army of plush
The mannequin modeled one of my favorite pieces! 
Wrist cuffs!
Chokers, bracelets, earrings, oh my!

While the show wasn’t a smashing success financially, it was enjoyable and it gave me a chance to hang out with friends!

Well, that about wraps it up, folks. Perhaps next month will be a little more interesting…

Until then, Love Strong everyone!


Adrienne and David

steel city 2
Photo Cred: Alexis Niceley


Just August

Hi all, and welcome back to the blog!  I’m a little late getting August’s post out but we’ve been a little busy the past few days. But here we are together again, so let’s get right to it.

August began with our best friends’ wedding and a very quick whirlwind trip to attend it. My parents were extremely wonderful and loving and drove us there (we aren’t old enough to rent a car, and we didn’t want to risk the long drive with ours) and it turned out to be a really fun family trip! Plus, the rental car place upgraded Dad to a sleek, technologically advanced mini van, and we all had no end of fascination over all the bells and whistles the entire way there and back.

The wedding was lovely, and a great time to catch up with friends we haven’t seen in a while. Here are some snapshots:

The Bride and Groom ❤ 
katie and me
My darling Katie ❤ ❤  Now our foursome is finally made of two married couples! 
Sisters ❤
We saw Liz again! After a very /very/ long time ❤  Photo Credit: Alexis Niceley
Me and my Erin (you may recognize her as one of my bridesmaids!) together again, keeping our streak alive of seeing each other at least once a year 😉 
It is always a joy to hang out with Luke! Photo Credit: Alexis Niceley
My favorite Josh and Kelly. Long make the good ship Jelly sail ❤ Photo Credit: Alexis Niceley
Finally after far too many years without one, I got a picture with BOTH Mr. and Mrs. S! ❤ Photo Credit: Alexis Niceley


OYAN Couples ❤ I love these people. So much. Photo Credit: Alexis Niceley

You may be thinking: where was David? All these pictures just feature you!


He was around…  Photo Credit: Alexis Niceley

For more wedding fun, check out Alexis’ vlogs of the trip. Here’s Part 1:


Things were quiet in life after the wedding. If by quiet you mean busy with work and life issues and knitting and crocheting like a mad woman.  It was also quiet because Alexis worked at the fairgrounds during our state fair this year, so I didn’t have my buddy to chat with for a few weeks. But we got to see her when we visited the fair!

With my amazingly hard working girl ❤
Taking the annual fountain photo, this time with my husband ❤ 
But also the annual sisters picture 😉 
David enjoys getting to shoot at a mini range. Isn’t he handsome? *melts*
Channeling my inner Gudetama “So lazyyyyyyyy!”

The fair was really fun, lots of free samples, taught David to play checkers, talked to nice people, hugged my sister… yeah ❤

Another exciting thing was seeing my name in print again!



My story Broken Bones and Ice Cream Cones can be read in August’s issue of Spark Magazine which you can buy here in hard copy or digital and here for Kindle. 


Get your copy today! 😀 


Other random things we did in August:


~ I participated in the August Reading Challenge which is a yearly event hosted by a friend of mine. I had a lot of fun exploring some lovely new books that brought me great joy.

~David was immersed in the world of Ark: Survival Evolved as this month contained it’s official launch day!!! He was a very happy man.

~ We worked through some life junk – yay 😛

~ We watched a lot of Disney Vlogs, per usual. And GMM is back.  We have a morning routine now where David is at his computer and I’m at mine playing the videos and he listens without watching. His reactions are fun, but nothing compared to moment when he actually watched them with me and discovered what the hosts look like. He was shocked and it was funny.

~I got officially set up as a business, figured out tax stuff, and have been making a TON of merchandise for the shows I’ll be setting up at over the next couple of months.  Because I work better while watching something, I’ve torn through several classic films, as well as discovered that I have a deep love for David Suchet’s Poirot. I have totally fallen for this series and am watching them as fast as I can!

~My friends Hannah and Kelly gave me this beautiful mug:


And that pretty much sums up our August! How was your month? Did you go on any fun adventures?

We look forward to seeing you next month, as we’ve got some exciting things to share! (Including David’s new venture as a Twitch streamer, which I encourage you to go check out if you like gaming or if you want to share in one of David’s greatest loves, or just learn more about him!)

Until then, Love Strong everyone!


Adrienne and David





Goodbye, July

July was just kind of there. Like a splat of paint on concrete. Brightly colored and interesting, but not really shaped in any artistic fashion.

David got a job working at Pieology, and it’s a much better working environment for him. He isn’t depressed going and coming from work anymore, which has been a blessing not just for him but for me as well.

Such a cute employee

I went on a couple Yard Sale adventures with my parents and sister and that was delightful. And David and I went on several excursions to the library which resulted in my falling in love with Ouran High School Host Club.

Image result for ouran highschool host club image
Image Source

I watched the anime 2 times and read the entire Manga even though I don’t like Manga. I also found a t-shirt at a yard sale and freaked out. That was a good yard sale.

I have also been continuing on my quests in writing and building my Etsy business. Slowly but surely, I’m getting there.

About half way through the month, we finished watching Star Trek Next Gen. How do I feel about this?

Image result for star wars can't believe he's gone gif
Image Source

(Get it?)


The biggest event of the month was FandomFest Comic Con where I volunteered for the first two days and then attended the last. It was a ton of fun.

door girl
I was a door watcher for most of the time, but also helped with set up and line control.
I walked around a bit with Alexis on Saturday – there were so many great cosplayers! This Jack was one of my favorites of the seven or so that were there.  Photo Credit: Alexis Niceley
On Sunday, Mom and Dad came too, as David had to work and was unable to :/  Photo Credit:Alexis Niceley
We had a great meeting with Paul Michael Glasser, who played Perchik in Fiddler on the Roof, as well as Starsky in Starsky and Hutch.  I was given his book and he signed it for me, and it was just such a great experience :3
willy wonka
Possibly my favorite cosplay of the entire weekend!!! Willy Wonka!! And I got to hold a Golden Ticket! It was awesome!!!  Photo Credit: Alexis Niceley

I met some incredible artists and authors while there, and was so sad I couldn’t get something from all of them, but you should definitely check out Who Knew? ArtTracy Hawkins Illustrations, and author Lacy Marie.  I enjoyed conversing with these creatives, and got some art from them! In talking with Lacy Marie I discovered that she is writing to give teens hope and proceeds from her book sales go to teen suicide prevention, and I think that is a beautiful thing. It really touched my heart as that’s why I write as well.

I did a quick cosplay of Amy Pond after my planned cosplay got stained the morning of.  Photo Credit: Alexis Niceley
My new favorite pic of me, which will probably end up an author photo?  Photo Credit: Alexis Niceley

And that wrapped up July.  Not a very eventful month, and quite a stressful, weird one to be honest. Not my favorite, but we survived.

And now onward to August, where we’ll have our best friends’ wedding, and after that, who knows?

If you want to get a more in depth look at what the comic con was like, please check out my sister’s vlogs over on her channel!

And with that, I am off. Thanks for stopping by everyone!

Love Strong!


Adrienne (and David)



Gone so Soon, June?

This month has been very full of both good and not so good moments.

We began our journey through the month with a trip to the movies to see Wonder Woman. While it was a good film overall, I left disappointed and really don’t like it all that much. I hated the death of a character, David disliked the meh showdown at the end. But there were some pretty shots and nice moments.

The following days were filled with preparations for the One Year Adventure Novel Summer Workshop which included finishing excerpts, printing excerpts, cleaning my apartment, making meal plans, and trying on cosplays and doing make up tests for each one.

During this time, my mom was down and out with a herniated disc and vertigo, and we were afraid she wouldn’t be able to make the trip at all. But thankfully, when the time came to leave, she was able to go.

Speaking of the time to leave…

On Sunday, our friend Garrett arrived to carpool with us, and as usual when a friend shows up, we stayed up until 1AM talking. After one hour of sleep, we got up to leave.

One of the rare moments we were all awake and chipper looking during the drive

I should probably note that David sadly couldn’t make it this year 😥  And he was greatly missed.

We made it safely to Kansas, got us some Chipotle, and stopped in at the Dudeplex to eat said Chipotle (but really it was to see the people there).

This began our week in Kansas, which was beautiful. It was my favorite Workshop yet (though 2011 still might be the best… I don’t know, I think they are tied? Ugh this year was just so good!)

Grocery shopping with my Kelly and Han ❤
Had a bro date with Jeremy, Jared, and Jacob to Spin Pizza ❤ (with special guest Ellie, who is Charlotte’s dog)
Some of my favorite faces ❤
Great Sessions with Great People
An amazing critique group!
Having a lot of fun with my sister Photo Credit: Jeremy Johnson
We had such great speakers this year, including the one and only, John Otte!  Photo Credit: Jim Viebke
Just more fun with Lex Photo Credit: Jim Viebke


The day Kelly was my Dad Photo Credit: Nadine Brandes
Space Mom and her Space Kids! ❤ And Space Enemy, hanging there in the background.
Finally getting to see Stephen again after three years! Photo Credit: Alexis Niceley
favorite night
Some nights you just gotta hang out in a hallway reading flash fiction and laughing after traumatizing golf cart experiences. Not pictured: Luke on the floor laughing. Photo Credit: Alexis Niceley

This year’s workshop theme was Writers of the Lost Art, and all throughout the week during sessions God was quietly poking me with truths I needed to hear. Reminders to live selflessly, to love strong, and to pursue writing for His glory. It was truly a blessed time that I really needed.

Plus, there were haunted golf card rides this year. What more can you wish for?

All too soon, it was over. If you want to know what that feels like, here’s a picture to sum it up:


Since we had the blessing of taking Garrett home with us, the pain of leaving wasn’t quite as bad as normal.

As is now tradition, we took our guest to Steel City Pops. Because, let’s be real, it’s the best. Photo Credit: Alexis Niceley
And Grocery Shopping. Photo Credit: Alexis Niceley
Gadzooks! More OYANers have descended upon our apartment! 😀

Alas, Monday morning saw the exodus of Rachel, Ryan, and Mr. McMannus, and a few hours later Garrett too said goodbye.

And then we were alone. Sad. With nothing but Alexis’ 3,150+ pictures and videos to keep us company.

For a week I rested and processed emotions and tried to clean my apartment. I quit my job in order to give all my time to writing and building my Etsy business. And I charted out a master schedule to accomplish the goals.

And then our car had problems.

And then David lost his job.

So here we are, the end of June, our minds now bent on creating, job searching, and careful financial handling.  It isn’t easy, but God is in control and we are confident He will provide and show us what direction we should go in now. Who knows what the future may hold?

Love Strong, everyone.


Adrienne and David



It all started with a cold.  David fell ill on May 1st, and took a week or two to recover fully, though he wasn’t down and out.

Unfortunately, this lead to me getting sick a few days later, and in typical fashion, I was much, much worse.

Thankfully, however, we succeeded in getting better just in time for a much looked forward to visit from some of our best friends!

Jared, Jeremy, and Amber, enjoying Pieology with us
Jeremy is my non blood related brother, and it’s never a dull moment when he’s around ❤
We went to World Market. There were umbrellas.
Amber looked perfect with this umbrella. 
We also went hiking.
It was a very long hike.
David climbed a tree.
Then we got Popsicles at Steel City Pops! These were a huge hit 😀 
All too soon, though, we had to say goodbye… </3

After that amazing time together, we worked on getting back to the normal swing of things for a few days. And by normal I mean David was normal while I was running around like a chicken with it’s head cut off trying to get stories written and submitted before deadlines and figure out packing for my big Orlando trip which was approaching very fast. (I also had a story published on Splickety’s Lightning Blog, which you can read Here.) But before I left, another very special event took place…

My baby sister turned 18!!!

Isn’t she lovely? Isn’t she cute? She’s the best.

Yes, my baby sister is an adult now. Where did the time go….

We had a great day with the birthday girl. She had a great day too. 

Only 4 days after the birthday festivities, I was on my way to Florida.

The Happiest Place on Earth ❤ 

After a safe and completely on time flight, I was able to hop on a shuttle, make it to the hotel, check in and drop off my stuff, and hop on another shuttle that took me to Hollywood Studios where I spent the rest of my day in an aura of intense happiness.

I met BB-8!
And saw Storm Troopers!
I ate at the 50s Prime Time Cafe, which was every bit as delightful as I had hoped. The themeing was perfect, the food delicious, and I was seated next to a group who were from my town! They were super nice, and ended up paying for my meal. It’s little things like that that make Disney so magical: people willing to go out of their way to make your time more pleasant. It was a huge blessing, and I’m never going to forget it. 
Also got to meet Olaf!!!!
And Chewwie ❤ 
And Kylo again. *sigh* He hasn’t changed a bit. 
I took a lot of selfies, but this one is my favorite.
Ah, palms. Those glorious palms. ❤

The next day was conference day, but before that all started I made a quick trip to Disney Springs to visit my favorite bakery…

My beautiful treat, made special by the sweetest worker ever. She made me an ice cream cookie sandwich and put frosting hearts on top :3 Just one other little thing that made my time in Disney perfect. :3 

Now, you might be thinking that all was fun and games while I was in Orlando. But that is not quite the case.

Upon wrapping up my day in Hollywood Studios, I sat waiting for the shuttle to pick me up. That shuttle never came. Thankfully, a very nice bus driver figured out what was going on for me and took me out of his way so that I could make it to another pick up site and get back to my hotel safely.

The following day my friend Mig and I made a long string of decisions that while not catastrophic, were not the right ones either. They basically resulted in us being ridiculously hangry and walking probably ten miles. Which was definitely ten miles more than necessary.  Don’t lose your car in a huge parking lot, kids, it isn’t fun.

But, in the words of Tevye, “It’s all over, and everything is peaceful again.”

So the conference officially began!

Our booth set up! 
One more angle. Because why not? 

We had a really good weekend at the conference, filled with meeting new people, laughing, and sore feet. But the good kind of sore, that makes you feel like you’ve accomplished something.  (Honestly it helped that I went barefoot a lot. Carpeted vendor halls are the best!)

After the conference came to an end, and I took a last trip to Disney Springs with Dan and Miguel, it was time to leave the palm trees and humidity and return to my native dwelling place.  All was going well, my first flight landed early…. and then I found that my flight home was delayed by two hours. And then three.  I had a horrible attitude about it, but was still trying to pray that it would somehow be fixed (hard to do when you’re having a bad attitude).  Then, a group of guys (Who admittedly had annoyed me earlier as I sat in my stew pot of emotions) were talking behind me about how they switched their flights over to another one that was leaving in an hour.  I bolted down to customer service, and, thanks be to God, I was able to get on that flight, no charge. And it was a good thing I did – the other flight got bumped back even later twice after that.

But despite that snag in plans, I did get home safe, and only an hour after the original time.

The next day, David took me out for my day early birthday date! We ate at First Watch, which was AMAZING. So amazing, that we forgot about taking any pictures until we had eaten every bit of food on our plates. But just trust us that it was amazing.

After that, we got to finally go see The Hunger Games Exhibition!



David got really into the other museum exhibits…
Milk. “Now that’s the stuff!”
What can I say? I was born for the stage!
A wild David emerges from his tent dwelling

On my actual birthday, my sister came to spend the day with me, and we made lots of delicious food. We also went on a quick shopping trip to Target and Half Price Books because, well, why not?

Yes, May was indeed Amayzing.

We hope yours was equally so!

Stay tuned next month for the exciting June post. Which will mostly be about the Summer Workshop, probably. But who knows what might happen in this crazy life of ours?


Adrienne and David