April’s Showers of Life

April has been quite the busy month for us! We began by hosting our friend Addison for a night as he was traveling on his epic new life adventure.  We enjoyed gaming and drinking tea brewed in my cute new tea pot.

The boys enjoy Mario Cart racing
Is this not the cutest thing??

Also on the 1st, I joined my parents and sister at our favorite yard sale of the season which takes place at a local church. We didn’t score quite as much as normal, but we still found some awesome deals including golf clubs for David, some needed clothing items for the Niceley (or former Niceley) ladies, and, you know, a few fun things like movies and the cutest little Pyrex refrigerator dish. Because I can’t say no to cute little Pyrex dishes.

That afternoon we, along with David, went to a Japanese yard sale, which made David particularly happy.  We got a lot of stuff from Chopsticks to books to help learn Japanese to Japanese fashion magazines.  I also got this ADORABLE pair of Tabi shoes for $5, later finding out they retail for $78!



The next week or so was filled with work, story deadlines, and more work. But we had some fun mixed in there. Like…

Seeing Your Name with Lex!

Your Name
Photo Credit: Alexis Niceley

Don’t know what Your Name is? Check out my post about it here.

Getting my Doki Doki box!

Doki Doki box is a subscription box filled with cute merchandise from Japan. I got a Groupon Deal and decided to try them out!

David got a Japan Crate from our friends in Kansas!

Skyping Kansas friends! (which I don’t have a picture of because I was working on a secret project while talking….)

And, of course, Easter Sunday.

Our Easter Sunday didn’t quite go as planned. Beginning with the day before. David and I decided on starting a tradition of buying small gifts and/or treats for each other and hiding them around the apartment and then having each other search. We had a great time with that (He got me truffles and chocolate bark and Kylo Ren Chopsticks!!!!) and then headed off to the mall to get our flat tire fixed. We had a nice little date walking around the mall while we waited for it. All seemed to be well until we got all ready to go to church Easter morning, got in the car, and discovered that the tire was once again flat.


Church didn’t happen that day, but we did have a great time with my family, eating great food, relaxing, watching Risen, and taking family photos.

Photo Credit: Alexis Niceley
Photo Credit: Alexis Niceley
Photo Credit: Alexis Niceley

The week following Easter found me preparing for my highly anticipated trip to Cincinnati! I’ve been helping the the One Year Adventure Novel booth at the homeschool convention up there for a couple years now, and this year I got to work with Mr. S, which was really fun! We had a great time – and David got to join me Friday night and all day Saturday, experiencing a homeschool convention for the first time. He now understands my love of conferences and conventions which thrills me to no end.

First Day Excitement!
Meeting a Baby Dinosaur!
Dinner with our wonderful friend, Beth ❤
The hotel we stayed in used to house the Cincinnati Enquierer, and was so cool!
I fit right in, of course.
Caps for sale!
My new costume for Byline ^_^ So excited for this curriculum!
Lines are always busy nowadays…
David is such a mighty warrior
In front of the banner ❤
And on a small date on the way back home ^_^

Remember when I mentioned Story Deadlines? Well one of those deadlines was for Splickety Magazine’s May Issue, to which I submitted a story. When I got back from Cincinnati, I heard back that my story has been accepted and is being published!!!!! IT’S MY FIRST PUBLISHED WORK!!!!!!!!!!!!! AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And then, as if my excitement couldn’t get any higher…

I was asked to go to Orlando to help with the OYAN booth at another convention, and that convention just so happens to be taking place 15 minutes away from Disney World on my birthday weekend.

Guess who is going to do something wild and insanely adventurous? Yes, folks, I’m going to Disney World for a day for my birthday and I could not be more hyped! Because I get to go to the most amazing place in the world AND do what I love best for an entire weekend!!!!!!!  THIS IS THE BEST BIRTHDAY PRESENT EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


To cap off our April, we took a trip to the zoo!


David takes some time while waiting to practice his Katakana. Photo Credit: Alexis Niceley
David makes friends with the Komodo Dragon



Picnic Lunch! Photo Credit: Alexis Niceley
We’re riding Aslan! Photo Credit: Alexis Niceley
I guess we wore him out… Photo Credit: Alexis Niceley
It’s a fascinating creature, is it not? Photo Credit: Alexis Niceley
I RODE A FLAMINGO! I used to ride this carousel when I was little :3 So much fun to relive the memories. Photo Credit: Bill Niceley
“Hug means love” ❤ Photo Credit: Alexis Niceley
Me and my man on the Rhino ❤ I’ve gotten my picture on this rhino since I was a very tiny girl, and it was so wonderful getting one with him ❤ Photo Credit: Alexis Niceley

All in all, April showered us with a lot of life, both negative and positive. But through it all God’s been with us, and I love seeing how He is growing and shaping us through this process.

And now it’s time to move on to May and (spoiler alert!) there is going to be a LOT to talk about! So stay tuned for Birthdays, visits from some of our besties, baking, and as long as all goes well, DISNEY!


~Adrienne (and David)


We’re Here!

This is the first post on our blog.

It isn’t much.

But it is a start of something new.

At last we’ve seen the light.

And now we want to share our whole new world with all of you.

Be our guest, and enjoy the magic carpet ride.